As promised, today we have web log post #94:  Novel Meetings, the behind-the-writings look at chapters 55 through 63 of Old Verses New.  Again, there are probably spoilers, so I certainly understand waiting to read them later.

The Pokemon Go craze (apparently that's a video game you play on a smart phone, maybe you've heard of it) has revived interest in old arguments about Pokemon generally.  I spearheaded the writing of a response to some of these back when it was the collectible card game that was in the spotlight, and with this recent revival it was decided to republish that article (which until recently had been languishing in a backwater eddy of my website somewhere hard enough to find that it was easier even for me to Google the title than to find it through the web site links).  Thus the Christian Gamers Guild is today featuring the republication of The Problem with Pokemon (I know it's supposed to have one of those silly accents on it, but that's a lot of trouble in a blog).  In much the style of some of my other articles, particularly back then, it tells you that there are problems and then focuses on what the problems aren't.  Since I'm less familiar with the new game than I was with the old, I don't know to what degree any of this is still relevant, but apparently there is relevance.  I found it an interesting read, at any rate.