With A Little Help From My Friends (featuring Julia Nunes)
Once upon a time, a perfect human named Riese commanded me to learn a beautiful song by The Beatles called "With A Little Help From My Friends" so that I could play it at A-Camp (the happiest place on earth). I in turn commanded lovely dreamboat Julia Nunes to harmonize and duet with me, and SHE in turn commanded wondrous lightbeam Dannielle Owens-Reid to film us singing it on these bunk beds. (Somewhere, flawless luna moth Kristin Russo approved and silently encouraged us all.)

The result is what you see here; it makes me very happy. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band has been one of my favorite albums since I was old enough to put a record on the turntable by myself. It was pure joy to learn this and sing it with Julia, who is wickedly talented and also 100% hilarious.

Beep beep yeah!