With Master Ngo in China May 2017
My Chinese master who taught me Mawangdui Qigong four years ago.

Stress is the root of all sorts of chronic diseases. This series of exercises allows the highest form of relaxation in the body. When the body is relaxed the body functions best. It works on the digestive system, Cardiovascular system, balances your hormones and the endocrine system and settles the nervous system. 

This is how Mawangdui can prevent and cure diseases 

Tier Benefits
Qigong For Health
$20 or more per month
One class per week (approximately 1.5 hours each):
  • Focus on different aspects of qigong
  • Different organs and pressure points
  • the changing seasons
  • Self healing
  • Weight loss
  • meditations
  • exercises, breathing and mind work from all forms
LIVE class time is:
Monday 9 am Australian Eastern
Sunday 7 pm US Eastern
Sunday 4 pm US Pacific
Sunday Midnight UK Time
One-on-One Class with Margie
$150 or more per month
Once per month, by appointment, you will have a personal class with Margie via Skype for approximately one hour. This class is to help you to make corrections to movements and posture.

You will also have access the other reward levels.
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