Witnessing State-Sanctioned Violence during Paris Gilets Jaunes March Acte XII

2nd February 2019 - Acte XII March in honour of victims of French state sanctioned violence.

I was on yesterday's march in honour of the victims and injured by state violence in France. It was a peaceful, good humoured march - the only infractions carried out by Antifa or Casseurs who were driven away by the Gilets Jaunes before they could cause too much damage. When we arrived at Place de la Republique, Police surrounded the area, cutting off all exits, they then kettled all civilians, including demonstrators, passers-by, tourists, children into the Place de la Republique.  Tear gas was rained down on people in the square and intermittently the Police factions would charge the crowd. This is one of those charges, during which, a journalist was thrown violently to the ground.  

I will be writing an article on the march and my experience of lobotomized violence from the French "security" forces but I am just publishing a few videos and images in the meantime. 

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