Woah I have Pledgers!
OMG I don't know wth I was doing this last week that I didn't realize I got some new pledgers xD Welcome and thank you guys!!

As you know I am just starting out with this, it's been my first week!
So, I don't have much of anything to share just yet, instead what I'm waiting for before I start everything up is to hit my first goal of $50 per two weeks :)
As you know, I'm planning to kick my Patreon off with actual artwork in February and awarding the first 50 people  who sign up at the $2 teir  before then the Level 3 Zelda Valentines day package ^^

So, as I'm only just getting things started, I hope you can bear with me!

This is really a HUGE deal that you guys have pledged, now I know I can do this and hit my goals!

I recently added some new reward tiers to my Patreon with spiffy graphics and medals and stuff and will update with "How It Works" art over the next few days so everyone is very clear about when rewards are handed out and so on ^^

So I will keep you posted!

Onward to February! :)

Thank you again!
~CustomWaifus <3