The Wolcen Universe patreon launched!

Hello fellow Wolceneers!

Wolcen Universe has launched 32 hours ago and we did not expect it to be as wide spread as it is now. Some quicks metrics after the launch :

  • 65.000 unique visitors
  • 3.500.000 requests served
  • 7.500 builds created (1065 public)
  • 1.800 registered users

Seing those numbers and our server having weaknesses we had to scale it up to handle the load. After the announcement of the server scaling some of you guys have asked us to open a Patreon page to help us support the cost, you truly are amazing!

We have a big roadmap ahead of us and you have the power to vote on it to help us prioritise the feature based on what you want! This is a tool for the community made by the community!

Feel free to join us on Discord as well and have a chat with the team!

Wether you are active patreon or not we thank you all for the support and feeback you're giving us!

Join us and help us make the best tool you'll want to use!

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