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Here's another new song, folks: fourth one in as many weeks! Happy to report that I'm on a roll down here in the watermelon. Spring has sprung, within me and without. This song's about The Wolf, that sweet-talking sabotaging demon who lives in each of us. He might be addiction, or bad love, or insecurity. Whoever he is for you, he'll call you up just when you think you're rid of him, and invite himself back into your life. The wolf makes a fool of us all, and he'll probably keep on doing it 'til we die. May we all get a little better at recognizing him, in whatever sheep's clothing or granny glasses he's wearing, with whatever muffins or fancy drinks or handsome devils he's got on hand, and kick him back out on his furry ass. Love and little piggies, Carsie PS. Download by clicking the down-arrow at the top right of the soundcloud player.
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