Wolf Neighbours Development Process Week in Review
Hi patrons, and hello The Public as well!

This past week I started to get more specific in what I was drawing as part of my development process, and how I was approaching it. It's been a good week of thinking about what I want from the development process, and how I want to structure it.

My goals are twofold: firstly, I want to prepare myself as best I can for the process of drawing Wolf Neighbours as a regularly updating webcomic. That means tackling some of the most time consuming parts of research and design ahead of time - building libraries of character poses, architectural features, plants, animals, and so forth. I'd also like to make some big decisions about most of the major sets of the comic - what's the environment like, whose house is it, where is it on the map I started last week, et cetera. 

The second part of my goal, however, is a bit contradictory: I want to stop my prep work before I've made all the major decisions. I want to leave myself something fun to decide or design or compose as I draw the comic. I love drawing  comics, but Wolf Neighbours is going to be the longest one I've tackled and I want to make sure that even if the routine of it starts killing the novelty of it, I'll still have some interesting decisions to make and some room for future me to contribute to the comic beyond just assembling the puzzle pieces current me is collecting. That means I'm often stopping designs long before they're perfect, and from here on out I think I'm going to focus more on building libraries or menus of varieties of objects so I've defined some parameters rather than constructing one very specific design for each need. 

Will that work? Who knows! I'm going to find out, and I'll definitely be blogging about it here on the Patreon. 

Also, a big thanks to my patrons - you folks have made it possible for me to make room for Wolf Neighbours stuff and I'm so excited to get this comic made and into your hands!

And a reminder to the public - if you want to know more about each piece of this week's collage of process work, and if you want to be the first to see Wolf Neighbours on the page, you'll want to jump in and back my Patreon. For $1 a month you'll see process work and early comic updates - and the rewards increase as your pledge does. It means a lot to me to have this kind of support - every dollar pledged frees up my brain just a little bit further so I can focus on these projects and worry less about taking on freelance and contract commitments. And you get to have the inside scoop on everything I'm making, how I'm making it, and where I'm getting all my ideas! If you're interested, why not hop on now and get the most out of December's Post-A-Day-a-thon of Wolf Neighbours Development Work!

Thanks again for taking the time to read, share and support my work, everyone - you're all awesome!

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