Wolverine Sketch!

Sorry I'm having trouble with my phone and not having enough storage space so I had to delete some stuff. Also I apologize for the first video, it's hard to see the pencil drawing. The pencils are too light for the camera so it's hard to see what's going on. I'm working out the kinks as I go along. So I know I need to invest in a better camera and a stand. Yeah I think I'll put that in as the first goal.

Anyways here is the Wolverine sketch coming together. I love the finality of inking. Once the inks go on that's it. There's no going back. I have a really loose style where once I feel confident about some parts I'll start inking and then go back to pencilling to flesh out things I haven't yet. SO I'll go back and forth with the brush pen and the pencil. 

I'm inking with the Pentell pocket brush and microns. I love the pentell pocket brush. The tip is a brush and though it doesn't beat a real ink brush, I love that it's ready to go at all times. No mixing inks to get it right. No washing brushes.  No mess. Just uncap it and go. ete a whole bunch of stuff on it to make room.  Also I realize the pencil sketch is really hard to make out since the pencil doesn't really show up the camera. I'm still working out the kinks but it'll get better as I go along.