The Wolves of Online Outrage
I couldn't resist staying up just a little extra late this time to work on something. You've all really been patient with me and very generous! I certainly must find a way to reclaim that time and energy! So without further words, I present a picture, and a music paired version that shows what inspired it! " Sly Bunny " is an interesting song and if you're so inclined as well curious,  it can be found here

It would appear our Wolves of Online Outrage from a while go has finally become more than just lines on a paper! How dreadful!


" They only get stronger the more their targets complain, young sir! "

I also wanted this message to be for everyone this time because truly, every donation and ounce of support helps keep me going every month. <: )

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I'm grateful, truly I am. Every dollar does count and I'm just glad you could share it with me.
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Now you're just spoiling me! Oh dear what do I do, what do I do?!
  • You'll see sketches and designs here in their most raw form before being digitalized! D-dreaded paper and pencil..
  • Receive a link of your choice to one of two paid projects! " My Self Exile " or " Arbinel and the dark dreamers " 
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You r-really don't have to do this..I'm feeling so shy right now.. so on top of the perks from the $5..
  • You'll receive both " My Self Exile " and " Arbinel and the dark dreamers "
  • You'll also receive a link to the complete supportive mini projects up to this point in one RAR! Now that's convenient!

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Oh lord I am just so excited you are feeling this charitable. I really doubt myself sometimes..y-you know..? But this..makes me feel..
  •  You'll receive a link for every mini project, paid project, and comic I've worked on and am still working on!
  • I will openly weep with joy but only when I'm alone in my room. I promise.
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This has the same perks as the $25's just...well... I dunno. I'm sorry, I don't even know why this is here.
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This is my bot catcher. It's for robots and naughty things that build me up and break me doooown. By choosing this you are either a bot or someone that is trying to make me believe you are a bot in which case...clever girl.
  • You'll get my hopes up and dash them in the wind! ( Probably? ) 
  • Imagine a grown man crying because that's what is going to happen!
  • I miss my dad...I'm a mess...
  • oh hey...still here...well.........I'll draw a unique version as to my style of your original character if you have one..
  • I have a lot of anxiety doing it but for you..I'd do it with a smile.
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