Women are not unicorns.
My thoughts on Denver Comic Con's non-female Women in Comics panel. I actually wanted to make a vlog for this but honestly, I'm still drugged on Benadryl nearly 24 hours a day. I'm groggy and look like shit. So I turned to my better strengths than public speaking right now: tweets and writing. As my tweets say, if you are a man in comics and are known for your strong female characters and then you are invited on a "women's" panel - PLEASE, first ask who else is on the panel; if no women are on the panel then PLEASE decline unless the mission is specifically to discuss characters only. If it's a "women's" panel and you are a token male ally, it's far less insulting to the people in the business who are never given a platform. This holds true for queer and POC themed panels. You may write fantastic queer characters but if you are straight, you personally have not been through the experiences of the queer people in the business. You have had privilege whether you think you have or not.