Women Created Modern Science Fiction...and This Freed Book is the Absolute Proof (and a Bonus!)
What does that title say?! Well, of course, we all know that Mary Shelley began modern science fiction with Frankenstein...and you'd be wrong. Oh yes, women did start what we consider to be literary science fiction, but it wasn't Shelley...it was a woman who did it 150 years before!

I introduce you to the Duchess of Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish--and specifically her classic, original science fiction work The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World from 1666. Yes, this is proven, and regarded, the original work of science fiction that would trailblaze the greatest and most important entertainment genre we have. But I've actually freed--in eBook form (PDF), for the first time in history--something far better than that seminal novel for you to download totally for free here.

NOTE: This is not a Patreon perk. These are available to everyone. No money is being made off of these books by Sovryn Tech. This is all about freeing the information, folks, just like information likes it.

You see, Margaret Cavendish wasn't just some duchess with a flair for the written word. Oh no, in the 17th century she was wildly ahead of her time--and not just as a woman...she was ahead of everyone. She was a philosopher, a scientist, a writer of the fantastic (obviously), a poet, and myriad other things that also turn me on to no end, and should impress the Hell out of you. Point being, one novel can't possibly give you insight into this brilliant woman, and what would lead to the start of science ficiton as we know it.

So I present to you a beautiful out-of-print and never-in-eBook compilation of her work: Paper Bodies: A Margaret Cavendish Reader, compiled by Sylvia Bowerbank and Sara Mendelson in 2000. It is a beautiful tome weighing in at over 300 pages, and includes the 1666 classic The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World, along with many more stories and correspondence from this "woman of tomorrow." You'll find her fiction and commentary to be shockingly contemporary, relevant, and deliciously biting, even to today.

And while I do consider the Duchess Margaret and her accomplishments and mind to be ridiculously sexy on their own...don't think that the Golden Stallion is going to leave you hanging with only one book this time around. Oh no, I've got another doozy for you, and this one is hot as Hell (no, I mean it...it's fucking hot).

Enter: Rogue Roman by Lance Horner. Published in 1965, this long out-of-print and likely-will-never-see-an-electronic-release-ever-because-of-goddamned-prudes is a masterwork of Ancient Roman debauchery that few authors today could pull off, but Lance did over 50 years ago. If you'd believe it, I read this book when I was but a teenager, and my obsession with Ancient Rome kicked off like a barefoot player for the Denver Broncos. I mean...hot fucking damn...is this some good shit. I don't know how it ever got to publication. Slavery, sex, wild times, epic battles, individualism...oh baby, Rogue Roman has it all, and all set on one of history's greatest stages. You aren't going to want to miss this savage beauty!

Sadly, most people will never even hear of these books let alone read them (thank Google, Amazon, and intellectual property horseshit), but at my own personal cost, I have had these two wild and rare historical fictional rides that are long out-of-print get professionally scanned and made available in eBook format (PDF) for the very first time. You know Sov Tzu takes care of you, and happily skirts right past tech giants and laws to set this information free...the way that information likes it, baby! WOO!

Download below and share them around! Fiction matters!


"Paper Bodies: A Margaret Cavendish Reader" by Margaret Cavendish, Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1psul53naau4157/Paper%20Bodies%20%20A%20Margaret%20Cavendish%20Reader%20by%20Margaret%20Cavendish%20%282000%29.pdf

"Rogue Roman" by Lance Horner, Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b8dgdd8t2mndsgd/Rogue%20Roman%20by%20Lance%20Horner%20%281965%29.pdf