Womxn's March Song Ideas!
Ah! So sad I'm not in DC at this time! I would be out there marching on Saturday 1/21  for the Womxn's March with everyone to make sure white supremacy/sexism/climate denial/Islamaphobia/etc is not legitimized. 

But some DC friends asked for some ideas of the songs people could sing during events (not the march, as the march is supposed to be silent). I'm sure lots of people organizing have ideas but just in case you wanted more, here they are! Thanks to my activist parents who were just stopping by unsuspecting before I made them take 15 minutes before dinner to brainstorm songs! (Scroll to bottom for lyrics in a list).

Just a reminder that I post two songs a month on Patreon and because almost all of my money is going towards what my insurance doesn't cover of my medical treatment that keeps my body upright, my budget for production of songs (recording professional sound or video, cool guitar pedals, bikini car wash bling money, orchestra and trained tiger background dancers, etc.) is zero. So I appreciate your patience as I post "lo-fi" videos and songs. Your pledge of a few dollars per song is a gesture that means "I believe the world needs more songs about peace, love, justice, feminism, environmental illness, etc. and Kaeley deserves to be able to heal from Lyme disease enough to be able to play music and work a job again." If you've put a cap on your amount monthly, then I'm only getting that amount per month.

Your contributions last year paid for things like:

- Me being able to finally afford treatment that addresses underlying infections causing my fatigue, pain and stiffness in joints, light sensitivity, etc!

- I am performing when I can for friends' benefit shows for their medical treatment and it is so therapeutic to be meeting others with the same diagnoses. Other friends with illness report that they sometimes listen to my songs about hope amidst illness and I am glad to have entertained them because I know how boring and hopeless being sick can sometimes feel!

- My songs getting out into the world! For example:

         -Standing Rock protesters reported that my songs were used in North Dakota

         - Seattle protesters trying to get banks to de-fund the DAPL sent me a video showing that they used a song I wrote to have a "sing-in" about corporate greed to the tune of "Leaving on a Jet Plane"

      - During Democracy Spring (April 2016) in which 1,000 people were arrested in DC protesting the role of big corporate money influencing lawmakers, my songs and chants were used, including a Prince "Kiss" cover parody that I wrote eerily one week before Prince's death! :/

None of that would have happened if I hadn't had your support.  Really. Thank you.


  1. I Believe That Love Will Win
  2. America’s Not Great when we turn to hate, it is not too late! Let us love love love.
  3. People Get Ready, change is coming, Don’t need no money, you just get on board, all you need is strength to hear the people calling, we all deserve a voice, rich or poor!
  4. We are Nasty, We are Here! We want love, not hate and fear
  5. Where there’s love, there is power; Rise above, in this hour
  6. We will Not Inaugurate, We Will Love Instead of Hate!