A wonderful day to start an Ultra Endurance Club
Oh yes! We're starting our very own Ultra Endurance Cycling Club and we're welcoming all the true crazies out there. First of all we're working on the name of our Ultra Endurance Cycling Club while we seek out others like ourselves, also our club will not just be locked to our area though Arizona will be the Home of this club.

Our goal in creating an Ultra Endurance Cycling Club is to find other like-minded riders to ride or travel long distances with as well as to come together as a community for awesome endurance based adventures and races.

Not a day goes by that I'm not thinking about riding my bike, I think about it so much that it's difficult to focus on many things outside of it. It's as if I have found the missing part of myself that I had been seeking my entire life. I've always sit on the outside of the circle, this world to me has never made sense; riding is my time away from all of the bad in the world and by building this club I aim to more laid back people within the group that ride for the enjoyment and happiness and none of the rudeness that I've found in recent club related rides.

We've been discussing creating a club for almost a year though we've not found many like-minded riders yet however the few that have started to pop up is a beautiful start. Our club members will have discounts with specific bike shops and products and many other club perks. If you are a cyclist who loves long distance road riding and have a great happiness in riding and want to be a part of our up and coming club, feel free to contact us as we'd love to hear from you.

On another note, today I met one of my fellow strava friends and we had an enjoyable group ride together. Sunday we aim to go out for another bike ride with a lot of climbing. After the group ride my friends Dave and Wade installed a new insulated water bottle to my aerobars, hopefully with this new item I can have cold water during a ride for a longer duration. Huge thanks to Dave and Wade as well as to my strava friend Scott for an awesome day out on our bikes.

One other quick update: I changed our "Thank You Image". Our "Thank You Banner", is the image with the words Thank You on it with all of the names of our Patreon supporters. We used to have 2 company logos on it though they are sponsors they're not a Patron so we wanted to have the "Thank You Image" specifically for the Patrons only. Huge thanks to our Patrons!

It's time to get a little bit of rest, again if you have an interest in becoming a member of our club drop us an email. Have an awesome weekend everyone and thanks for the support.