The Wonderful World of Wiki
If anyone happens to be a writer, especially one who is putting in the extra [hundreds of] hours for custom world building, I highly recommend creating a personal wiki for yourself.

For years, I struggled with finding a way to keep my writings organized, whether it was world lore, character history or actual story chapters.  Somehow, throwing everything into a google drive folder or having a folder on my desktop called "STORY THINGS" filled with... hundreds of separate documents just wasn't doing it for me. Even worse when I tried to condense dozens of documents into one large document and couldn't find anything I was looking for.

Typical 'writing' software designed for novel writing didn't seem to help much either. The free ones that I tried didn't really have the world building tools that I needed. And let's face it, this comic is a labor of love right now and I can't afford fancy paid software - which also may not have the lore/history/biography storage capabilities that I yearned for. 

My solution was to create an offline personal wiki for myself. I discovered a free program called WikidPad and it was exactly what I needed. Dropdown menus upon dropdown menus, categorizing stuff as needed in one spot instead of digging through folder upon folder. It's been a total lifesaver for me!

No worries, there aren't any spoiler stuffs in the example list that I have here, but I just wanted to show you all the sheer volume of stuff I've had to juggle behind the scenes and how helpful it is to have that mess organized. There's still a lot more lore, characters and history that needs to be added in and not all of it may be used, but it's nice to have reference if need be. 

Hope this ends up being helpful to someone!

For future notice, if I come across anything handy, I'm not one to keep it to myself. I will gladly share it with whoever whoever listens in the hopes that someone can benefit from it. I don't believe in seeing other artists/writers as 'competition' and trying to sabotage them by not letting them in on ways to bring them closer to their goals. At the end of the day and in an ideal world, everyone should be able to bring their ideas to life <3