Woo, computing! A Thank You.
First off, thanks so much for the continued support on Patreon! Expanding LGR this year with nicer equipment, up to date software, and new shows has been awesome. And it's only gonna get better it seems! But yeah, I just wanted to let you all know something notable your patron dollars have been used for recently. After much research on "desktop replacement" laptops, I got a nice deal on this MSI GT60 laptop so I could make content somewhere other than my tiny computer room. Granted, it's a comfy little room and my 3-year-old desktop is still sweet for editing... but it's nice to be able to relocate every so often, and perhaps visit friends and family and still be able to work. That way, I don't have to destroy myself working way ahead and making a bunch of videos all at once to prepare for trips! The previous four LGR episodes have all been made on the MSI laptop, and it'll be helping me with many more. It's an awesome machine and I've been super happy with it, not having to skimp out on computing power in favor of portability. So thank you so very much for making this possible. And I wish you all a Happy Halloween! If you're in one of the areas in the US right now with awful weather, stay safe :) -Clint/LGR
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