The Wood and Pocket Gods
 The northwest corner of the World* is defined by the Wood, actually a dense forest.  The Wood is difficult to navigate and impossible to map.  One's mind drifts in the Wood, and the deeper one enters, the more linear thought fades and is forgotten.  Words stop.  Humans, Goblins and Uranji prefer to avoid the area, relying on the accounts of others for information.    The edges of the wood are home to few communities except the occasional farms and enclaves of Animal clans.

 The Animal clans, therefore, are our best source of information on the species - or possibly phenomenon - called Pocket Gods.  These reified beings wander out of the deep Wood and make an unsettled existence in the copses and meadows of its margins.  

 Pocket Gods appear to be concepts made physical, which vanish or gain substance depending whether they can attract believers to accept their reality.  This particular Pocket God, of things that crunch painfully under foot, will eventually fade away unless it finds a new home where a significant number of people worry about stepping on small pointy things.

 There are reified beings to be found throughout the World* and many of them are very permanent.  Whether they originally emerged from the Wood is currently unknown.

 The First Othering Assembly provides non-denominational worship to wandering Pocket Gods and has branch churches in many cities along the Uranja Highway.  Your donations are gratefully accepted.

*By “world” we refer to the northern supercontinent, as do most of its inhabitants.  Actually, for most of its inhabitants, “world” refers to an area of several square miles with a pub in it.