Woodblock print - start to finish - in real time!
This was a project that grew out of the feedback from viewers of our Twitch stream. Quite a few of those viewers have caught the woodblock printmaking bug, and have been making their own experiments. Because they are not all 'original artists' some of them have been using public domain designs, and a popular choice has been an image created back in the early 1900s, of a young woman bathing.

I also found the image attractive, and because it is fairly straightforward technically I thought it would be an interesting project to try making the whole thing - from blank wood right up to a finished copy - in real time while people watched. So that is what we did on Twitch one day recently. It took just over three hours, and once it was done I put the entire thing up on YouTube.

There is another reason why this particular video might be of interest to Patreon supporters; this is your first chance to get to meet Cameron, who joined us back in October to handle the bulk of my paperwork burdens (including most of our bookkeeping). He and I worked together on those things over the past few months in a gradual transfer, and as of the beginning of this year, I have let go of all of that work and am now back at the benches for many more hours each week than I was able to manage before.

This was only possible through the support we received through Patreon, as his salary has been completely covered by your contributions. Your money really is hard at work ... or at least we are hard at work using it! :-)   Thank you again!

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