Wooden Sets,tools and carpentry skill
this is the first set i create for testing equiped items and basic gathering,  all this items are created with the carpentry skill on the carpentry bench,

other skills workbenchs are created with the carpentry skill, except for the carpentry workbench who is created with the survival skill.

The wooden armour is the cheapest armour you can craft on game actually (soon i add bone armours  and tools to craft with survival skill).

The carpentry skill also allow you to create all wood and stone items on game like forniture, containers, decoration, fences and buildings (this one need a special desk for crafting projects deeds) .

All skills have a value from 0 to 100,  and like ultima online  the value progress is calculated  using craft or skill items (workbenchs , weapons ecc) or passively (armours, cloths ecc), more high is the skill value and more high is the quality of crafted items (like world of warcraft items can be  common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and relic), this mean a wooden sword crafted with a value of 100 (or 120 with bonus) on carpentry skill can be more powerfull than a  iron sword crafted with a value  off 10 on blacksmithing .