The Woods: Dead Tree Edition

My seventh book has sold enough digital copies to merit a short and sweet limited-edition print run. 🥳 Was this the anthology's ultimate purpose, all along? The book was called The Woods, forests are made out of wood, and trees need to be sacrificed in order for books to be printed. There are even a bunch of trees on the cover, and there are some other pictures of trees on some of the pages inside. Baby. Is this destiny?

Remember The Woods? The Woods is full of medium-length pieces written during calendar year 2020, as part of the divisive and conquering TMM Season 16. Some of the stories are about COVID-19, 3X3, 1995, the 1940 Olympic Games, basketball in Vietnam and Japan and Utah, a century of women's hoops, and the most comprehensive history of Slamball ever written. The Woods ends with its author paying to get lost in a Korean forest with a Motorola pager.  

The Woods is 310 pages long, with 22 essays and nearly 100 photographs. This was its blurb.

Once you give your entire identity over to a sport, the lines that separate the game and real life start to disappear. Basketball was born as a winter diversion for students in a northeastern factory town, invented by the orphaned son of a Scottish lumberjack, and a century later it was a multi-billion dollar global industry. For some, basketball skills are the only way up and out of hardship. For others, the only viable career path in a post-industrial age is to stay in the game, no matter what or where. Basketball always ends in a loss, but you're guaranteed to get lost along the way.

The Woods: Dead Tree Edition 2021 will be served in convenient "digest" size (5.5 x 8.5"), printed on 155 of the most supple leaves of 60-lb. cream-colored paper, its text set in an overly pleasant Garamond. The front cover—a photograph of an overgrown basketball court near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant—will be sprayed in a CMYK color process onto glossy stock, and either serve as the wrapping of the book (paperback) or its book jacket (hardcover). 

This print run will be 50 hardcovers and 50 paperbacks. They will all be shipped in August 2021. The Woods: Dead Tree Edition is being printed and shipped by the same printer in North Carolina that printed and shipped I Don't Mind Hitting Bottom, I Just Hate Dragging and the 2010 independent hit bestseller One Beautiful Season. If you own either of those books, that is the level of extravagant pulpy luxury that you can expect. Paperbacks will cost twenty-two American dollars postpaid, and hardcovers will cost thirty-five American dollars postpaid. International orders will endure significant shipping delays.

Preordering The Woods: Dead Tree Edition is and will be the only way to purchase and own and cherish The Woods: Dead Tree Edition. 

I haven't undergone this specific and particular self-publishing process in nearly a decade, so it's kinda newold to me. If this print run works out alright, and I still can't find anyone willing to publish David & Goliath (my six-and-a-halfth book) this summer, that one will probably be done this way too. The Woods. Buy it. Tell your friends. Or don't. My life and livelihood don't depend on your decision. I'm not a semi-popular writer anymore. I'm a cult hobbyist. I do this just for you, baby.

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The Woods (Paperback SOLD OUT· Hardcover SOLD OUT)

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