Woohoo!!! The Engagement Campaign Is Up & Running!

So much to tell you. Pretty much every day we sign up another partner as an ally with The Whale Dreamer. This means we have more and more experts that we are connecting with as we develop our action plan. And it means we have more and more allies who will be helping to get The Whale Dreamer out into the world when it is ready. 

It also means I can start to share with some of the actions we are developing. One of the actions I am most excited by is an action kit that our readers will use to engage buisness leaders about their plastic consuming problems. 

I know I've been quiet as of late...the truth is I've been head down focused on writing and getting this engagement campaign together so we can start approaching sponsors and donors. But I want to be better about keeping you in the loop, so expect to a few more updates about the ins and outs of the realms of The Whale Dreamer. 

These screenshots are from a page on our website that we JUST launched. 

You can check it out here: