Woohoo, comic posts for everyone!
So, what kisses did you get from your bird this morning? :D I always get passionate kisses from Pipi and Pepe anytime we kiss! <3

Btw, I have some news for you!
I have decided, I will no longer update my comic blog on Blogspot but I will try to post at least 1 free page of bird comic for everyone (public) on my Patreon account. To read this comic you don't have to be a patron, but simply follow me here.How do you follow me? Create your patreon account and then you will see a follow icon on my patreon home page. Click that, and you'll be able to see any of my public posts directly from your own home page. If you don't see a follow icon that's because you're currently a patron to me.  ;)I love posting the comics here because it has bigger space to paste my work.  This way I don't have to draw my comics in yonkoma format all the time, but I can draw various panels or even just 1 single big illustration for my comic posts.If you want to read more pages of my bird comics, kindly become a 2nd tier patron.  By donating $5 a month to support my birds and myself as an artist, you'll get access to read exclusive comic reward and photo/video updates from my flock.Thank you! :)