WooHoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul v2.5.4

August 4th: don't want the pregnancy walkstyle? Disable it with the extra file here 


May 19:

Fixed a potential issue at loading screen with May 16th's update which showed up for one person.

May 16:

- Added more romance-prevention systems for the 'family of origin' of adopted-away Sims, since the game can't recognize all of it as inappropriate as of now. Also adding relationship status cheats.

- Made teen pregnancy enabling compatible with Wonderful Whims even with the Pregnancy Override setting on.

- Re-enabled sims to reveal adoption to their children from age Child. Note that talking about adoption to their bio parents and finding their bio parents will still have to wait until they're teens.

May 7th : Fixed Important Issue with family tree when giving a child to another family and then going to play that adoptive family.
Reverted the surrogate module to not impact family tree for now as it impacting it would need some fixing too.
May 5th: Bug Fixes
- Fixed a rotational play issue in which babies given for adoption to another family would not be able to have their origins to them if then playing the adopting family. This issue was due to a weirdness in how babies work. No worries, I made the fix retroactive, so you can with v2.5.1 reveal adoption to the affected babies who have now grown up.
- Fixed a missing code element causing the tree of the 'receivers' of a surrogate child to not necessarily update to add the child.
- Fixed a problem with the wrong text displaying on a cheat interaction.

May 2, Later: Re-uploaded again for teens not managing to give children for adoption while they should be able to,  little inconsistencies for rotational play and an issue with EMPTY TEXT in games not in English.
May 2: Re-uploaded v2.5 for a few tiny fixes and compatibility
May 1st, v2.5: Addition of key features to the Adoption Module
Let me know if anything of the adoption additions isn't working the way you think it should and I'll be quick to look into it and fix it :)
- Family tree changes: now, kids adopted away will see their tree change to reflect that. Their original tree is removed and instead, they become integrated into the adopting family's tree. This also applies to surrogate children sent away. This, by very popular request. My thanks to Frank for helping with emptying the family tree.
- Sims adopted at age baby or toddler will not know they're adopted. Parents can reveal it to them.
- Sims adopted at age children know they are adopted because they're old enough to remember.
- Sims can reveal and explain adoption, then telling their child if they know or not about the bio parents. If they do, they give that info, and the child can decide to enter in contact. The bio parent may agree or refuse to meet. If they meet they can explain why they have up the child.
If the parents adopted via foster, they don't know who the parent is. Then, the adopted sim can try to obtain this info.
- Sims can give up their child via foster or agency, instead of only agency as it was in the partial release. If foster, they don't pick the adopting family and don't know who it is. If agency, they know and pick. If giving up a child via agency, the sim can call the adoptive family to ask for news and ask if the child knows they're adopted. The children will be able to autonomously call to meet once they know they're adopted.
- Teens can now be adopted.

- Adoption applications: now a little easier to get accepted
There are more social interactions and autonomy-related additions to come to the adoption module. They will be worked on once Module 10 is out.

+ additions of more changes to improve compatibility with Turbodriver's mods. This is part of a bilateral effort.

+ made pregnancy acceptance a little quicker to be reached. Still too hard? Let me know!

Check out the module 9 release description & instructions to learn about the features of module 9 and how to use them.

Or look at the Mod Description Masterpost if you are new to this mod and want to look at the description for all modules.

NOTE: There is a NEW (since the latest few updates) GAME bug (ie not a mod bug but an EA bug) that causes baby icons to look a different skin tone from the actual baby. This may happen to the babies your Sim gets from surrogates and carries for others AND all the babies will look dark skinned when picking a child for adoption. Here's an EA bug report page about it for example, if you want to read more.


TRANSLATIONS AVAILABLE (grab the Mod AND a translation if you need):

- French / Français by Kimikosoma
- German by HendrickMcSims
- Russian by Origamika
- Portuguese by Ayrthwil
- Chinese by ttchub
- Spanish by Onnya - temporarily unavailable (ahora no esta disponible)
- Italian by EmmeSims



All Modules Index
V2 Update - Changes & What's New in v2
Module 1: Pregnancy Preferences
Module 2 - Risk and Protection, Fertility
Module 3 - WooHoo Transmissible Diseases
Module 4 - Paternity Testing 
Module 5 - Teen Pregnancy Stuff
Module 6 - Pregnancy Acceptance
Module 7 - Cheating
Module 8: Alternative Pregnancies (Artificial Insemination & Surrogacy)
Module 9: Adoption
(UPCOMING) Module 10: Break Up, Make Up, & In Between (Exp. May)

AddOn 1 - Termination of Pregnancy
AddOn 2 - Pregnancy Side Effects
(UPCOMING) AddOn3 - Romantic Trust
(UPCOMING) AddOn 4 - Post-Pregnancy Recovery System
(UPCOMING) AddOn 5 - Social Judgment
(UPCOMING) AddOn 6 - The Love Languages
(UPCOMING) AddOn 7 - Miscarriages and Birth Complications
(UPCOMING) AddOn 8 - WooHoo Drive, Etcetera
(UPCOMING) AddOn 9 - Autonomy, Autonomy, Autonomous Drama!

Upcoming additions to existing modules: Expansions to WTDs and Teen Module, Rewriting of some moodlets.

- WTD module: UTIs left untreated cause hospitalization, ut this feature doesn't work properly as of now. If your Sim gets to that point, cure the disease with the cheat under "Actions" then "WTD Cheats".

- Teen module: in some people's games, teen get no pregnant belly. Everything else works as intended.

- Abortion: for now I removed 'ask to accompany to abortion' as it refuses to work properly now and the sims don't go properly. It'll come back whenever I've found a workaround.

- Pregnancy Acceptance: the 'accepted pregnancy' trimester moodlets may vanish upon traveling. It is advised to not travel if the moodlet disappearing would bother you. Not sure I can solution that one anytime soon.

- Alternative Pregnancy:

- the 'surrogate pregnancy' trimester moodlets may vanish upon traveling. It is advised to not travel if the moodlet disappearing would bother you. Not sure I can solution that one anytime soon.
- DON'T ACCOMPANY YOUR SURROGATE SIM TO THE HOSPITAL!!!! This will cause the option to send away the kids to not show. There may be other circumstances causing the interactions to give the surrogate babies to their parents to not show up on the baby. For these cases, there are debug interactions in place. See image below.

Many thanks to the Special Agents deww.drp, ToriGamez, Mia16, and RavenAstra over at Discord for their testing and conversation.
Thank you to testers over at Discord.
Many thanks to Frank for script help to improve the auto-assignment systems and save me an override or two. I appreciate Frank so very much!
Thanks to Triplis as well :)

There are no known mod conflicts for this mod other than what is listed below.

!!! MODDERS!!!: Need to test for pregnancy / trimesters and can't test for moodlets as you want your mod to be compatible with this mod? It's deadly easy - test for trimester Object States instead of moodlets! Look at the EA interaction 'Share Big News' if you don't know what I mean, and you'll find what test to use there. Ask me for more info if you need! :)

Mods that are FULLY incompatible
- ArtUrlWWW's Mega Pregnancy Mod.

************ Compatibility Adjustments************

- MC WOOHOO: INcompatible with module 2 and 8 IF Risk setting is not on 0%. If on 0%, all is fine ;)

- Wicked Whims:   INCOMPATIBLE MODULES: Risk & Protection

- Wonderful Whims: All compatible.

NOTE: WONDERFUL FULLY HANDLES PREGNANCY RISK unless you check off its 'Override Game / mod pregnancy system" AND its 'woohooo to TFB' switch. If you want my risk system which works on a sim by sim basis instead of Turbo's global risk setting system, turn off that setting. And vice versa. Your Sims can use protection items from either mod.

To sum up: Want to use Turbo's pregnancy risk system? Have your Wonderful Whims settings like this:

- Want to use my pregnancy risk system? Have your Wonderful Whims settings like this:

- LMS's Miscarriage mod: Compatible BUT:

If a miscarriage happens, I advise clearing pregnancy markers manually in my mod (under 'Family and Pregnancy' then 'Sim Status'. If a miscarriage happens from that mod for an alternative pregnancy from my mod, you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO clear those markers.


That's it. Yes SoL is compatible, etc etc etc. 

Override information: 
0000000000003607 pregnancy_startShowing
0000000000012FDE loot_Pregnancy_InLabor_Notification
0000000000002B4F TakePregnancyTest_Loot
0000000000012607_buff_Pregnancy_InLabor (Module 5)
000000000003AAB8_RWL_AddSentiment_CaughtCheater_TAboutA (Module 7)
000000000003E438_RWL_AddSentiment_CaughtCheater_AAboutT (Module 7)

Most elements of this mod are optional:

- You CANNOT remove the Core files.

- You CAN remove any of the following files / modules:

o Risk&Protection (pregnancy risk, protection & fertility)
o PregnancyTermination (abortions)
o WTDs (WooHoo Transmissible Diseases – REQUIRES Risk & Protection installed)
o PaternityTesting (paternity tests etc)
o TeenPregnancy (teen pregnancy and reactions to teen pregnancy)
o PregnancyAcceptance (possibility of acceptance of unwanted pregnancy)
o CheatingModule (reactions and interactions related to cheating)
o AlternativePregnancy (Surrogates & artificial insemination processes)
o Adoption
- Want Fake Names for the WooHoo Transmissible Diseases?
Then download the "WTD_FakeNamesAddOn" file
Important note : In its version compatible with Wonderful Whims, my mod provides NO pregnancy risk. Wonderful Whims provides it. (In its normal version, my mod has its own risk system). This also means that some features are NOT available in the compatibility version.


This mod has no requirements, other than an up-to-date game. Legacy edition is not compatible.

1. First, REMOVE ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS of this mod, if any.

That means, ALL files from this mod not from this very post.

2. Secondly, DOWNLOAD the ZIP File

It contains all modules. Once extracted, you can remove unwanted modules.


- If you have Wicked Whims, also grab the ''AdditionalFileRequiredForWickedWhimsUsers'' package file.

- If you want fake names for the diseases: grab the WTD fake names package file;

- If you need a translation, click on the links for translations under Mod Description and find the translation needed on the translator's site.

NEED HELP? Check compatibility, download instructions and description links in this post. If they don't answer your question, contact me on Discord, here in comments or messages, or through the contact form on my website.

Find Index of All Mods here.

If you notice anything off please contact me! Happy to help and fix things if they need fixing.

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