Woolmancy Scarf
So I finally set the spine mock-up for Woolmancy, and to celebrate, I wove a scarf! Okay, maybe it went the other way around...

 But first, the news:

  • I've decided to serialize Woolmancy - Silent Edition on Patreon. I letter everything in big sweeps, so I'll be posting the raw, first pass, full colored pages, along with a discussion about the page and what's going on. It'll be pretty fun!
  • I have a ton of video footage comingfor $5 Patrons. I've been doing 5 pages a week because I've pledged to work a normal schedule: 8 hours or less daily, no weekends or evenings. It's killing me not to get more done. I'm actually writing this outside of proper work hours...
  • Still working on compiling the Press-Ready material, so it will still be available for a while. With my reduced work hours, I can't... well, do as much work! So I will keep working on the ebook and you'll have more time to take notes.

And now back to the scarf!

Here's the set up for the book spine! Still need to pick typefaces, redo the title block, and there's a good chance I'll paint something else for the image... it really is just a mock up!

And a mock endsheet. This is the crazy pattern our main character stays up all night to finish. I'll tell ya, it's impossible to finish as much of this pattern as she did, and doing the finishing steps in a day, but hey, it's fiction.

This is the scarf fresh off the loom. It gradates from red to blue. I'm so rusty that the transition isn't totally smooth, but it's not bad! The threads are loose and stiff at this point, and the wool still has the itchy oils on it. At this stage it's called Grey Cloth. I've given scarfs as gifts at this stage, not knowing that I had missed a step! Or five.

This stage is always horrifying. Am I going to mess up all my hard work?? These threads were hand-dyed, and I didn't know if it would bleed or not. I dunked it in and the yellow thread near the blue turned green! Ack! But I confirmed that it was just the wet look. The red bled, but didn't stain anything.

I still haven't pressed it yet (hence the lack of a stretched out image) ,but I've worn it around and gotten good comments on it!

Stay tuned for more updates! Switching back to the more weekly schedule now that I've given you a break from the daily schedule.