The Wooly Bumblebee Double Standard (KL mirror) Annotated
* KW - I have added a few things to this video using annotations.

'Go Fem Yourself' responds to The Wooly Bumblebee's "Sargon & His Fans Harass Kristi Winters on Twitter" video with The Wooly Bumblebee's "This shit is why I don't call myself an AntiFeminist" video.

GFY investigates the phenomenon known as The Wooly BumbleBee Double Standard, takes a deeper look at Wooly's various narratives and asks the most important question of all: Is Kristi Winters experiencing harassment? The answer is no, only The Wooly Bumblebee can be the victim of harassment, everyone else is only subjected to silliness and are being bitches (especially you Kristi Winters - I know you're reading this - stop caring so much about the sexual exploitation of children, you're making the rest of us look bad).