A word about Endlords & the Sword of Shadows series

Writing Sorry Jones doesn't mean I've abandoned Endlords and the Sword Of Shadows series. I have an obligation to myself, my publishers and my readers to complete the series. 

This patreon page is about finishing Endlords. I didn't say it was going to be easy.

The final chapter of Watcher of the Dead, the one where Raif is alone and living off the land, is, I believe, one of the best things I've ever written. There are no clever plot twists or fancy words just a man cutting wood and setting traps. What makes it remarkable for me, as a writer, is that the words on the page capture exactly what I imagined in my head. The tone, Raif's actions and thoughts: The essential feeling that he is relearning what it is to be human and free.

Writers are always trying to recreate what we see in our imagination, whether it's a landscape, an emotion, a person, a relationship. We're chasing that almost unattainable perfection that exists as a possibility in our heads. Some writers can manage this right-off-the-block with their very first novel or short story. They are extremely talented and lucky. It takes most of us years of practice to perfectly command all the tools we need to nail a scene.

I wrote over two million words to get there.

Now I have to see if I can do it all over again.

Writing a multi-book series is like digging a tunnel. The going is slow and relentless and you can't see the light. The work is all-consuming and demands absolute focus. If you're reentering that tunnel after years of leaving it unfinished you have to be sure of two things: 

1) That you still have the skills to do the work. 

2) That you're ready and able to commit years of your life to its completion.

What you're seeing with this patreon page and Sorry Jones is me working toward both of those requirements. 

The original first chapters of Endlords, through no fault of their own, coincided with the unravelling of my life. I'm still living with those losses. I still have to work to pay the bills.  I'm not fully re-ravelled yet.

But I'm getting there.