Wordpress Worldbuilding Page
Hello readers! This is just a post to notify you all that I have opened a wordpress page for the purpose of making MoL related worldbuilding posts in the future. This will contain information about the world that is not really critical to the story (that is, it is not necessary to read any of it to enjoy Mother of Learning) but which some people may be interested in reading nonetheless.

In addition, I will also post links to fanart I receive there, as well as anything else MoL related. Anything I deem truly important will also be posted here, of course, so there is no need to pay attention to that site if you're worried about missing something crucial.

Currently, there is very little posted there. The posts are bound to be rather slow coming, as I have many obligations already and this is not a priority for me. Nonetheless, there should be a steady trickle of content going there over the following months.

I hope the people interested in MoL worldbuilding will enjoy the new site (once I finally post some real content, that is).