Words and tools for the contemplative life
Dear patron-friends,

I am in a life transition. You will notice some changes here over the coming weeks. 

After 5 years in the forest, living and subsisting as a monk, without intention, I became a forest leaver this Spring. I find myself in the world, in life again, working with others. It's been quite a surprise!

I invite your continued support here as I enter this phase of life's journey.

My offering to the world: Zen poet, writer and life coach. 

Taking a contemplative and practical approach to life coaching, I will support clients in their exploration of their life's journey. If this is a fit for you, and I might be able to help, get in touch from June onwards. Full details will appear on my website in a couple of weeks. I will offer a discount to patrons, life coaching sessions, books and other resources. It is my intention to create a resource bank of life tools for those who need them.

In order to be more accessible to my new clients, I am to return, for the first time since 2000, to using my birth name, rather than one of my spiritual names (there have been a few on this journey). In the Sangha of my Master, Ganga, I will remain as Kashyapi. But to the world, I will work as Kas McDonnell. Kas is a nickname from my younger years, and also retains a connection to my spiritual name, Kashyapi, which I honour greatly. It remains my final spiritual name. Life coach on the outside, monk on the inside. This is how I find myself moving in the world now. So in the coming weeks, I may change this page name also. But for now, it feels right for it to remain, whilst the final details are clarified. Ultimately, we are all nameless, and this is a reminder of that. A name is simply a signpost for others to find us, to refer to us, to converse with us.

Currently, I depend very much on your financial support here. My income remains as it was, as I am still setting up my life coaching practice. It is the culmination of my forest years, to bring this offering to the world, and builds on my history as a student pastor, a university course director, personal tutor, teacher trainer, and trainer of teacher trainers. In the forest years, I initially offered Zen coaching, but set it aside to focus fully on my own spiritual path. Some of you here have been recipients of my coaching, mentoring and personal guidance, I thank you all for your presence here.

Your continued support helps me to found this new business, which I hope will support me, but also help others. More importantly, your support helps me to offer sponsored free life coaching to those in great need, and financial difficulty, as is often the case. Once I am earning enough to feed and shelter myself, the largest percentage of funds from Patreon will go into providing sponsored contemplative coaching sessions and spiritual mentoring for those who cannot afford to pay.

I will continue to write poetry, spontaneous contemplations, meditations, editorial and articles. I will continue to share photos, words, audio, video and other goodies here.

Follow here for poetry, writings, inspiration, news and updates. You will always hear certain news first. I will always give more here. Because you all give me so much. It touches and humbles me just to think of that. 

The current tiers you've signed up for will remain. I may edit those not yet taken up, to relate to my new contemplative coaching offerings.

Over the coming weeks, I will share more here about this life transition, it's been quite a journey, and I'm happy to share at last.

Thanks for reading, have a good day, and call if I can be of service to you and yours.

Love Kashyapi x

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