Words: Being Excited MCM London
If you didn't know that this weekend is MCM London at Excel Centre.  And this fills me with both joy that I am lucky I can go but also some dread, let me explain.

So the dread is a certain amount preparation I have to do.  First thing I do, is contact everyone a reminder whom I have an arranged a shoot with and make sure they are still wearing the planned cosplays.  Once all is confirmed, I then hit google images and research what the character looks like and potential poses each person.  This gives me an idea on what to expect and where to shoot their cosplay.  This research this time around took me a day and a half....I might have been on and off playing Super Mario Party during this time.

The next task I then do is setup up some posts for my facebook page over the coming days and weeks as I know I'll be spending time after comic con sorting and editing photos.  I would usually give myself a break before going into editing mode but when I was editing May's photos, that took me over two weeks to complete.  *No break for the wicked.

Hoping I'll be keeping up with social life, admin work on all social pages, especially on our lovely website which I hope people are using and enjoying.

But despite all of this, I do enjoy my time at MCM London. I get to see everyone whom live away from me, which is everyone.  I meet up with new people to work with, which is a nice challenge for me, helps me push my limits and test my skills.  I try to work with as many people as each person brings something different and needs to what they want from a photo.

Let me know what you are looking for to MCM London and why?