Words from Tawasi 08/15/2017
How is it ok to poison ourselves? When did we consent to buy poisonous foods, or poisonous drinks? Was there a time when we ok'ed the use toxic chemicals in our hair and body care products? If you are like me you probably thought the FDA or the EPA or potentially the morals of the products makers would stop them from using caustic chemicals in our consumer goods, sadly that's not the fact, the fact is that our government hasn't been concerned about the well being of it's citizens for a long time, if ever. The disgraceful use of known carcinogens in our consumer goods is no accident, these mega corporations are largely in bed with each other, their board members share tee times, and are often share holders of corporations which line each other's pockets. As a for instance, the companies which make toxic foods also make medical products used in the treatment of ailments caused by the toxic foods which they also produce. How is it that we the public accept these clear conflicts of interest? How is it at all ok that companies like Monsanto have revolving door positions at places like the EPA, where Monsanto lawyers draw up policy which allows the poisoning of our planet? Why do we remain docile while our POTUS uses the white house and the oval office pen to create national positions which favor military industrialists and privatized prisons, while subjecting the commoners to an increased tax burden and decreased benefits? Who's definition of "liberty and justice for all" includes deploying soldiers to battle their own country people in the interest of an oil company? And why are we still passively laying down, and continuing to act as if some "other" worthy will take up our cause and defend our rights from fascism? We are no longer living with the values our country claims to uphold, we are no longer serving the best interests of our citizens through governmental regulation. So why do we continue to fund the government? Why do we pay them any tribute when it has become so clear that the government is acting against the best interests of it's citizens, how long can they act in such a disgraceful way? And how can we in good conscience continue to support them? My sense of outrage is growing, facing the fascist police who not only protect the companies who are killing us all, but also render their service to a government which has so clearly abandoned the common citizen to death by poisoning. Why don't the police arrest the corporatists who are poisoning us? Why do we accept policing which is so clearly biased against us? Why do we continue to poison ourselves and our entire planet?