Words from the Luthier!
Hello, everyone!

Look at that beautiful color!  Jerry says, "I put a second coat of varnish on and I hesitate to do more as it is a  brown red close to what I was trying to get to.  As I have learned a  great deal about varnish the color coats should be transparent so the  grain or flame is not obscured and light reflects off the ground.  So, I  added linseed oil and walnut oil and cobalt during different parts of  the process as the oil paint tube color is too strong.  More oil is  added in following coats to maintain flexibility.    As a result the  color you see in the photo is what you will see in lower light  conditions.  In stronger white light the light goes through the  transparent red and shows the ground color as more prominent.  If I put  more red on more flame could be obscured as reds are strong color.   I  will add two coats of clear, then polish next weekend.  Then on to set  up over my break  and on to the finish line!"

I'm so excited to see my new fiddle slowly getting all dressed up and ready to play!  I'm also looking forward to recording a tune for y'all next week - I'm thinking of something dark with a peppy tempo.

Thank you very much for being part of my musical journey!