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Words of Truth
Oh speak words of truth

And invite His light

Sweet Lord Jesus

Rescue us from the night

Break these shackles

Of sin and fear

Where Holy Spirit lives

Bondage disappears

Wash over us 

Your peace and joy

Secure a place

No man destroys

Oh speak words of truth

Words of truth

Oh brethren, words of truth

Clean and free

Our spirits soar

Done with lies

Just hit the door

No room for pain

No room for hate

Return to sender

Back to hell's gate

There's room for love

There's room for peace

Come on down

Down Heaven's street

My dear brethren

If you haven't found

The light of Christ

You're missing out

Speak words that use

The power of the Son

The Son of God

The Holy One

Oh, speak words of truth

Words of truth

Oh dear brethren, words of truth