Words: So have I improved? - Half yearly report
So at the beginning of the year I made a list of things I wanted to improve on and push my skills forward, cause I always believe, if you settle with what you got, you'll never improve and succeed.  

Let go through my list and see where improvement still needs to be made. 

  • Find alternative editing style via lightroom

I have been thinking more about how I edit my photos and picking a tutorial video and also advice from a friend, a simple alternative crop aspect and using "split tone" has dramatically changed how my photos look.  I'm looking into using tone curve to my photos, still learning.  I have seen recently, I'm not "batch" editing all photos exactly the same. 

  • Learn basic sfx via photoshop

Easy one to answer, nope.  But hopefully that will change soon as photos from MCM London, there are some photos I like to add some basic sfx. 

  • Shoot other styles of photography such as fashion, practically effects (smoke bomb, bath water) , fetish etc

Again, not really. I'm still shooting cosplay but had the odd occasion shooting a fashion esq project for friends and that was interesting to do, as the principle of portrait photography doesn't change, the language and style obviously changes.  

  • Learn to use lights more

Umm...next question!  Seriously, I have used lights at the studio day back in April and have a bigger appreciation for people who use lights in studio.  

  • More location shoots. 

I have been driven to go out and get around the country and shooting in more places.  I really do enjoy doing this part of my hobby.

  • Be more up front with people if I'm upset by something 

I think I am still reserve about things which upset me as I don't want to cause drama but then again I can't think of many incidents which has upset me. 

I hope that by the end of the year, I can say YES to all the points above, learning about lighting and sfx work (photoshop).  I have enrolled on a few online course which now I have time, I can sit down and go through them.  Till the next time.