The Work Continues ...
Hello for the first time in a long time, folks!

Welcome to anybody new, and a warm reconnect to those whose patronage helped in completing "On The Orange Mountain".

Thank you to all!

In the past few months I have missed completing songs and making videos for you. So much so that I've decided to continue using Patreon to share my upcoming creations with you, not to limit my experience to just the one album.

With that in mind, winter is fast approaching here in Oregon and they say it will be a harsh one. I have a couple of songs I'm finishing now, but not a whole album worth as I did when I started OTOM last summer. The most certain release schedule I can guess on for new material going forward is something like "every once in a while," BUT it will be the only method I use to share new work for the foreseeable future. And my "per creation" platform means you will not be charged unless I release a full song/video. (You can adjust your pledge at any time. If you are already signed up and want to hear the old stuff, you should have access to the entire back catalog as soon as I release the next song - so hold tight!)

This method of writing and creating enlivens me. Each person who pledges a couple bucks allows me time to conceive this music and spend the days to deliver it to you - I am grateful for the opportunity.

I'll see you with the next one in a bit. Xo M/gath