The Work continues
First off, thank you to this community for being so patient with us as we move ourselves into a content rich Conan experience.  We're so glad you chose to join us in this journey.  In light of the map being applied and stability with it, we are going to start talking with the players for phase 2.  

This stage is where YOU start making a difference.  Do you have a place you just absolutely LOVE but can't fit a block because of some stupid building blocker volume?  Guess what?  Those are now being removed!  We'll be taking player requests starting 11/20 for the removal of building blockers in un-build-able areas.  A little further down the road we will start taking teraform requests to help tweak those areas that you call home in phase 3.  

Phase 4, my favorite, will be the Real Estate phase.  You will be able to take Draconins (Drakes) you earn in game through trade, and purchase prefab buildings that will load in when the server boots up.  This will be admin approved of course and has to make sense in character.  We will start out small at Three Rivers, letting players buy houses and grow from there.

A few more things we have coming is the reshaping of the West (pictured above) a rain forest area and Port Dred!  Are you a seedy character who likes to rob and steal and drink all day?  Then port Dred is the place for you.  It will be located on the Eastern side of the map and will be a hive of thieves and  villainy!  Stay tuned for more updates as they come!