Work Desk Wednesday
(links in this post are SFW)

I'm self-employed, and I let the world think that makes me my own boss. That life is an idyllic balance between shooting, editing, hanging out with my dog, and trying to make expensive cookies. And that's not inaccurate, exactly, but much like the internet, my life is ruled by a cat*.

I mean, look at that face. Isn't that a face that just screams, "Don't point that thing at me! Get back to work! You have butts to retouch!" Grumpy Cat gets all the press and the memes and photos with beautiful celebrities, but Panda has been hating everyone and everything for at least 10 years longer. 

She makes an excellent counterpoint to a Labrador Retriever who looks at me with adoring eyes and just wants to cuddle and play instead of work.

But enough about my menagerie! Let's talk about work. I'm starting to prep this month's Patron rewards, so if you have any thoughts, comments, Q&A, requests, or feedback to help me tailor your rewards to your delightful tastes, I'd love to hear them! SFW content? NSFW content? Behind the scenes albums? Eccentric art stuff? Photoshop tools and actions? You can post publicly here, or message me privately via your preferred method!

*Technically I have two cats, but Callie got outsmarted by a tube sock once and isn't fit to be anyone's taskmaster.