Work Desk Wednesday
Or: The Jobs We Leave Never Truly Leave Us

It's been years since I worked at the frame shop, but this week as I prepare for the magazine release party/mini art show at TMom's Friday night I find myself right back in the framing spirit. My hands remember. My eyes remember. 

Really the only difference is I don't have access to all the tools I used to have. I forget that sometimes. I went to join a frame I cut down from some reclaimed wood trim, only to realize I don't have miter clamps or a v-nailer. Guess I'll be getting creative. 

It's been hard to sit at my desk and do computer work this week, in the midst of so many hands-on projects! I love working with my hands–if I could find a part-time gig at a frame shop again, without the demeaning abuse that often accompanies customer service positions, I'd take it in a heartbeat. It's so rewarding to see tasks through from start to finish, and have a physical product when all's said and done!

I've also been attempting wood block photo transfers. Jury is still out as to whether this is something that takes practice, or I'm just not good at it, or my expectations for the finished product are impossible?

But there's no time to dwell! I've got to go clean 15 pieces of dirty old glass and try not to cut myself!