Work in Progress: The Tower (Qwirk Tarot)

I've been really quiet so far this month, busy with behind the scenes drafts and sketches and plotting and planning and, well, yes, some general FUNK and FRUSTRATION.   I'm working my way through it, never fear.  

 And <drum roll> I took a deep breath and ordered a wee batch of 3D qwirks to experiment with! They'll be here at the end of the month.   Team Qwirk (that's you guys!) paid for a big chunk of it, so give yourselves a round of applause! 

So, you want to know about The Tower card, eh?  It's probably the darkest, most negative card in Tarot, and it represents a sudden, unexpected lightning strike of change.   First, I drew a Dr. Suess style wibbly-wobbly tower... but it really wasn't working with the style of the other cards.  Then I experimented with a leaning tower  of Qwirks, all  standing one on top of another on top of another, but they wound up too small and had no detail.  So I went with just the hint of a tower, and this poor Qwirk volunteered to be electrocuted.  Anything for art, you know?  


I finished the draft up  during tonight's  thunderstorm, with whipping winds, hail,  way too much rain and tornado sirens going off in the next town over. Whew. We're safe, though, and I think it adds a bit of authenticity to the card! 

That's it for now. 

Keep it Qwirky!  

Tori Deaux