Work In Progress Page 15 inks
I have not been keeping up with Patreon as I have wanted, but things are starting to come together now, so I'll be updating more often very very soon.  Life, unfortunately, has a habit of getting in the way at the worst possible times and it has been doing that to me quite a bit this past year.

Now that Heroes Con is over, I'm back to chipping away at Work In Progress.  I learned two things from this page (this is the second version.. the first smeared beyond repair): 

One, I need to find a new pen for inking panels.  The ink in the calligraphy pen I use dries too slowly and smears too easily.

Two, inking circle panels is very very hard and I need to figure out a better way to do them.  

Other than that, I'm planning to attend as many conventions as I can and short of any major issues (which are very likely, apparently), I will be attending the Treasure Coast Comic Con in Port St Lucie, Florida this September.  More to follow soon.

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