Work in progress! (27.06.2014)
Dear patrons & followers, I am happy to announce that the work on my Neofolk-project "Wöljager" is progressing quickly. Within the next days, more lyrics and compositions will be finished, before I am going to do some first rough test-recordings with my old friend Sebastian next week. Finally, I am going to enter the studio for the official recordings on the 21st of July 2014 to record all songs with my friends Stefan and Árni. Maybe some viola- and cello-recordings will be added later on, but my patrons are going to hear the finished Wöljager-songs at the end of September at the latest. Know that just my patrons can access this content here, so please donate, and you´ll hear and see exclusive material long before anyone else. When the Wöljager-recordings are completed, I am going to start work on my next project. This time it can be considered Epic Metal with lyrics inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard. Another well-known artist is also going to be involved in that project, so become my patron and stay tuned :-)! All in all, there are a lot of releases on the horizon in which I am involved. Remember that if you become my patron with a singular payment of 200 $ you will sooner or later be able to lay your hands on all of these releases (on cd and vinyl) plus the accompanying merchandise for free. This also includes free entrance to our future our live shows. Don´t let this chance pass and become my patron! With kind regards, Marcel Viljámsson