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P.S. This is NOT a charged post

So this is where I'm at with my new setup. Still haven't performed it anywhere but on the streets of Croydon and Belgrave. But you can imagine how much gear I have to lug around for it!

A speaker that stands above my waste
3 guitars
a bag of cables and pedals
3 bags of bass drum towers
A car battery
An invertor
Microphone and stand!

Yea it's a mission, and busking is a role of the dice. Sometimes I make $100 in an hour! Othertimes I scrape $7.50 in 3 hours of playing non-stop!

But I see it as conditioning, working these crazy long sets is preparing me for the big stage. Dragging this gear around is enabling me to apreciate... And those lines might be included in my next song haha

But anyway, I wanted to keep you all posted. The only song I'm working on at the moment that will get a full band treatment and Patreon upload is a song for my latest Patron Stephanie McDade. She has generously donated above the threshold to allow her access to the reward of me writing a song, and so far it's been a really fun process. Collaborating with her on who she is and her perspective of the world in order to really create something that sings for her. It's an absolutely beautiful process actually.

Anyway, I'll stop writing loooong posts and let you get back to the busy-ness of life. <3 You guys are a shining a light brighter than you know within me! Thank-you for being givers, I will do my absolute best to return the favour through my music <3

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