Work/Life/Art Balance
Trying to find a full time job, freelance jobs, work a part time job, run a Patreon, Etsy, Rebubble and update social media along with trying to paint all at the same time is tough work. I feel bad I haven't posted on Patreon nor updated it in a while. 

Why are there so many things to do? Why is being an adult so hard? 

I recently got a part time job (yay!) but man I'm so tired even just from working part time and trying to keep my creative balance. Though I'm glad to be making some sort of income, it's a fear of mine that if I find a job, I won't keep creating. My main goal is still be to become an illustrator and I don't want to lose sight of that goal. I'm trying to view this as a challenge for prioritizing what is really important to me and to keep working hard and working smart. 

Got any tips? Feel free to share :)