The Work on the first Demo and Progress so far
I have really small chances to actually work on the game. I really am doing my best to use less time in the most efficient way that is possible to me. Still, I really need more time to finalize the current core and very complex features that need to be introduced before I can release a stable and somewhat well designed early demo to the public.

My current work-progress takes big focus on the games Game Design, it's feeling, it's core features that are absolutly necessary for real gameplay and many more things. Just the problem itself is: worktime.

I am really trying my hardest to get a great first early demo out, but it will still lack a lot of features and design. But I am still studying and working as hard as I can to finalize the first goal of my project. It will possibly be ready somewhere 2017, but I can't promise and I will not set any pressure to deliver a finalized version of what I was planning for a long time.

I really am looking forward to all the great support, no matter in what way, to motivate and cheer me on to finally reach my first goal.

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