Working Wednesday + Happy surprise!
Hey everyone, and happy Working Wednesday! Today has been a bit of a mess for me, so I'm going to be taking it a little easy, but I didn't want to skip yet another update... So, here we go!

First, let's start with the surprise: I won a Halloween-themed writing contest, sponsored by a local college. (Not the college I go through, but one of the colleges my English professor teaches at.) I've put the story into a patrons-only post for those who are interested - I'm pretty proud of my first place win. There was no cash prize involved, but it is my first official print publication. Hopefully you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Now, onto today's regular business: Working Wednesday updates!

The payment issues with my client have been resolved, at least for now, which is a lot of stress off my shoulders - and it gives me enough of a break that I can focus more on work and less on stressing about money. Of course, money is still an object (unfortunately), so if you can pledge this campaign, it would be greatly appreciated. So far, though, I'm still running right on track to start my next project on November 1st, for NaNoWriMo. Stay tuned to hear more about that project as it unfolds!

(Would you be interested in sneak peeks of the novel as they become available? I may be able to add some patrons-only early-release chapters. I'll also have a few beta-reading spots available for higher-pledging patrons, which will be rewarded with an official acknowledgement within the book.)

This week's client posts:

Well, that's it for today - hopefully you enjoy them! Drop me a comment to let me know what you're working on this week!

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