Working It Out
So, while life has been more that a little full of turmoil lately... today I have finally been able to get back to focusing on what matters.

I am planning out some new "Th-INK-ing" paintings and am excited to show you some progress when I have them... in particular, I think I'll single out a painting at a time and show you a photo of the background (raw) before the design is added.  Then I can show you a photo when the image is started and then show you the listing when it is completed!

I am also itching to list some more broken china and spoon jewelry pieces!!!  There's one Silver Spoon Jewelry set that is waiting on the sidelines to be added and I am going crazy about it!  The bracelet in particular I am in love with!

I hope you all are having a better day than I! 

Stay tuned for another update <3