Working On Something...
So the hiatus I've been taking from "There's More Than One" hasn't consciously been self imposed, but I made the realization yesterday that I had been running from the truth. Something didn't feel right.

I had become obsessed with re-creating the success of "It's Not a Race" and so I whittled my comic down to seven pages. I took out sentences. It had to be just like "It's Not a Race."

Except it was a completely different comic. And that's okay.

When you obsess over "success" you become your own biggest obstacle. 

The good news is that hiatus is over. I am anxious to sink my fangs back into the work. First I had to re-teach myself how to use my wacom though - having installed it on a new computer with new Photoshops.

In fact - I'm taking steps to learn Illustrator! We'll see where that takes me.

I've been doodling quadrupedal beasties for some time now and I wanted to have fun so...  Stay tuned!