Working on the digipak design
I can't say this is final yet, but I came up with this design idea that I'm kind of liking, for the These fleeting moments deluxe digipak. Oh hey, you've probably heard that the Kickstarter reached the goal, right? Yes, indeed! Thanks to everyone who pledged. Now I'm working on some stretch goals for the final 2 days. The design of the digipak has been spinning in my head, and today I was seeing what they'd actually look like. In the image: above the red line is the digipak when you open it up, below the line is after you've pulled the booklet out (ignore the pink lines). I like the way the curve of the arm leads into the curve of the bass. I hope they line up like that in the final printing.

So. A few days left on that Kickstarter. So excited that we reached the goal.

Have a great weekend,