Working on finding the perfect resolution.
This is using the SNES resolution of 256x224. The font is, I believe, the same font as Final Fantasy for SNES. My main concerns with resolutions are readability of text during narrative scenes, and being able to convey the proper information in regards to weapons, items, and other things in which the conveyance of information will be important for the player to easily understand with a quick glance around the scene with minimal menu diving. I'd also like to stick with a format that is more traditional, thus the SNES resolution being one of my first thoughts, though I also like the idea of cropping the playing area to be more cinematic (2.4 x 1 aspect ratio). I think having the overall screen be in the SNES format with the playable area being cropped and important pop up text / menu info occasionally coming up in the cropped area might work towards an enjoyable and useful playing experience.