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 At this very moment I'm working on a PSD file of a retouch of a picture of mine, that has descriptions that expain what every layer does. It is a great way to show people that are interested how I edit my pictures, and why I make certain decisions while retouching or editing a picture.

This PSD file covers basic retouch and minor color corrections and is featuring my face! It will be available on my Patreon Later today. Patrons that get this amount are also rewarded with a Q&Astream focussed on Questions from the patrons and sometimes, and HQ images of one of my recent selfportraits in the shape of a wallpaper for your computer and Phone.

You also get access to the Vanderstorme Catcrib, the Discord server for Patrons and overall Darkashter and Vanderstorme enthusiasts!
Check out what else I can offer at !

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