Working on renewing my Patreon...
Hey guys! At time of writing, my Patreon has existed for over a year and I've never received a pledge.

That's because I don't really advertise my Patreon, and more importantly, I haven't given it the attention it needs & don't have the confidence to trust myself with upkeeping free content and Patron rewards, so nobody has any real reason to pledge!

I'm attempting to fix both of these issues right now, but there are some obstacles.

I want to have a central theme or gimmick that I base my entire Patreon around and that clearly represents myself as a creator, but also doesn't confuse visitors or obfuscate how Patreon works. I think ideally I would have my various characters right on my Patreon page.

Less superficially, I need to figure out what my actual Patreon rewards will be, and establish better daily habits and new techniques & resources that allow me to actually upkeep them.

All of this may take some time! Don't worry, one day we will all have Rhubarb and Myrrhdeas plushies!